Therapeutical wraps

Packs, both applied locally, as well as whole body packs, affect our organism at many levels. According to the type of the pack used the curing substances pass into the body through the skin, and then intermediary metabolism is activated in the body through the warming of the area. We would like to highlight especially peat packs which have been used for thousands of years in treatment of chronic disorders of the motor system and for general detoxification.

Packs and facial masks

Peat whole body pack
Peat for packs is treated to suitable fine consistence by grinding. The peat treated this way is a very suitable medium for both preventive and treatment use. It is recommended for use as a support means during syndromes of muscle overloading during sports, work load, degenerative processes of the motor system – arthrosis and other painful syndromes of joints and backbone disorders, vertebrogenic algic syndrome and also during muscle contractures and menstruation problems. It is suitable also in dermatological indication for eczematous diseases or acne.
In case of a uniquely localised problem – e.g. vertebrogenic algic syndrome of the lumbar spine – it is suitable to use one-off peat packs targeted on the affected area only, both in the form of application peat packs and in the form of peat facial mask.

Black clay
Black clay packs are also known as packs against cellulitis. Black clay contains a large quantity of mineral substances and trace elements with which it supplies skin, and besides these substances it contains, like peat, humic acids. Thanks to its composition it is able to perfectly clean and to regenerate the skin, it features preventive effects against wrinkles; it helps in acne treatment, rash, itching and psoriasis. It is suitable in particular for clients suffering from cellulitis and also in the form of clay facial mask it increases the skin tonus, and thus it helps to return a youthful appearance.

Paraffin poultices and paraffin packs of hands
Local effects of paraffin lead to the relieving of muscles and joints, and just for this reason the paraffin packs are used as a part of rehabilitation treatment, especially at degenerative diseases of hand joints. This way they support relieving and reduction of pains of the entire motor system. At the same time they are used for nutrition and softening of the skin of hands, elbows, knees and feet, as well as during removal of fat pads and cellulitis.

Body wrap for weight loss - chocolate
This chocolate body wrap for weight loss have positive effects on senses as well as the overall harmony between the body and soul. This procedure contains such substances as calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamins, polyphenols, theobromine, esterol, caffeine. Thanks to caffeine, this is an excellent therapy against cellulitis. Chocolate body wrap supports and stimulates elimination of toxins, improves blood circulation system and supports vascular walls, increases elasticity and strength of complexion, renews elastin and collagen fibres, supports formation of hormones of happiness, reduces negative cholesterol (LDL).
Silky fine complexion can be achieved by application of luxurious orange body butter crowning the entire weight loss process.

Complex hydration skincare
Complex hydration skincare means treatment of insufficiently hydrated skin. Its strength is a double hydration effect, which means in-depth moistening of skin from inside and at the same time also increased hydration on the surface. This double effect is enabled thanks to the content of an innovation substance obtained from the Madagascartiger grass which stimulates aquaporins. It is intended for every type of complexion, especially for dehydrated skin with a dry surface. Vegetable oils contained in it soften the skin and silky proteins ensure its full cleaning.


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