Baths belong among basic spa procedures. The correctly selected additive purposefully influences metabolism in the required direction. The baths offered by us are the choice of the best what can be applied in the current balneology. For the offer of individual baths see below.

Carbonic (CO2) bath
Carbonic bath and carbonic CO2 bath with addition of salt from the Dead Sea are excellent means for improvement of the blood circulation in the entire organism, they reduce blood pressure, release nervous system, bring relief in case of varicose veins or blood circulation disorders, improve men’s potency. With addition of salt from the Dead Sea this bath furthermore improves flexibility and elasticity of the skin, it has anti-inflammation and anti-allergy effects and fosters defence capacities of the organism. This procedure is physically demanding and we do not recommend to combine it with other demanding procedures, such as whole body peat packs.

Peat bath
Peat bath features a positive influence especially on the motor system disorders - during rheumatic diseases and arthrosis, it brings relief during the pains of back, joints as well as muscles. Besides this, it helps in the case of diseases of skin – a positive influence on eczemas and other skin inflammations, such as acne and atopic eczema.

Bath with magnesium salt:
Magnesium is one of the basic elements contained in our body and plays an irreplaceable role in the functioning and control of the cells of human organism. We recommend the baths with a high content of magnesium especially for diseases of a rheumatic nature, chronic inflammation processes and skin disorders. Besides this, it is suitable for clients suffering from increased vulnerability to spasms. The optimum composition of minerals in this salt helps the cells to optimise metabolism and contributes to their regeneration. The minerals contained remove pollutants from the skin. They feature anti-allergic, disinfection and slightly drying effects.

Cleopatra’s milk bath
The legend about the beauty of Queen Cleopatra tells the story about a bath in ass’s milk which was said to miraculously increase the fineness and softness of the skin. You can take this bath also in our facility with the use of special composition of ethereal oils, extraction from whey and almond oil taking care of the skin. Besides the wonderful feeling from Cleopatra bath you will have a very fine, soft and hydrated skin.

Aromatic bath – lavender or eucalypt
If the aim of the bath is not the treatment process but the pure relaxation, we recommend a lavender bath. If you want at the same time also to stimulate your skin a little bit, together with your breathing apparatus, it is suitable to choose eucalypt bath.

Beer spa
Baths are not a procedure suitable just for women – beer baths will be appreciated especially by men. Ingredients used during beer production are added to the bath. Natural substances contained in the beer support regeneration abilities of the skin, ensure general modulation of dermatologic manifestations and psychical disharmony, and they also cause a blood pressure drop and improvement of blood circulation.


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