Spa & Wellness offers a wide range of rehabilitation and massage procedures for relief and relaxation. It is possible to order traditional sport massage, relax massage, Japanese Shiatsu, Ayurveda Indian massage, lava stones massage or manual lymphatic drainage massage.

Sports massages
Sports massage relieves muscle tension, helps during rheumatic diseases, helps to treat spine defects – scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis. It accelerates healing after certain injuries.
At the same time the lymphatic system is put into movement during massages – oedemas and haematomas are absorbed in a better way and physiological processes in organism are supported. The relaxation aspects of the massage is very important as well.

Relax massage
The procedure consists in a fine manual massage in the backbone area, where it is possible to achieve, through special touches directly along the vertebrae, relief of intervertebral discs and this feeling is accompanied also by the relief of spasms around nerves rising from the spinal chord. The massage mitigates and relieves muscle spasms of axial muscles, it helps in regeneration of compressed intervertebral discs, it helps in degenerative diseases of the backbone. The massage also stimulates blood circulation and a lymphatic system, it provides for deep relaxation and harmonisation.


This is a Japanese pressure massage during which the weight of the masseur’s body is gradually used for fine stretching and relieving of muscles and the entire movement system of the client. Massaging is achieved through a fine pressure following the routes of energy meridians and points, which is connected with stimulation of muscles, joints, blood as well as lymphatic circulation systems.
The Shiatsu massages help in removal of a wide range of physical difficulties, it establishes a feeling of internal balance, vitality, satisfaction and self-confidence.
It is usually performed in a lying position on the floor on a soft pad in comfortable clothing.

Manual lymphatic drainage massage
Manual lymphatic drainage massage of the body is a special manually performed massage featuring excellent recovering, detoxification, regeneration, relaxation as well as cosmetic effects.
It generally strengthens the immunity system and significantly detoxifies organism – drains residuals from intermediary metabolism, heals swellings, cellulitis - even in an advanced stage (lypoedema), supports weight losing, improves skin elasticity, acne, cures heavy leg syndrome – mitigates tension and pains. It helps after operation of varicose veins, after liposuction, after injuries or bruising. It is at the same time an excellent prevention of venous diseases, it strengthens the immune system and improves metabolism.

Ayurvedic Indian massages
This originally Indian massage is based on Ayurvedic knowledge, a system of traditional Indian medicine. Ayurvedic massages are a very pleasant relaxation method leading to a deep relief. Besides the already mentioned full relief, feeling of tranquillity and comfort, the massage eliminates stress, suppresses headaches and relieves muscle spasms. It has a positive impact on functions of all internal organs by stimulating nerves, nerve routes in the backbone and nerve terminations on soles. It also increases supplying of skin with blood and generally encourages blood circulation including the lymphatic system.

Massage with lava stones
Lava stone massage is a technique used on a long-term basis on the Hawaiian Islands and in China. It consists in placing of warm lava pebbles on important routes in the back area. The heat from the stones is passed onto the client and relieves muscle spasms. At the same time the actual massage is carried out, when the body is being massaged alternatively with stones as well as without them. The massage is suitable to relieve the body from stress and tension, for stimulation of blood and lymphatic systems, support of detoxification of the body or solution of problems with sleeping.


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