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Below you will find an overview of vouchers for the Tee No. 19 restaurant which you can purchase and use to please your relatives or friends. A discount of 10% will apply to these vouchers. All you have to do is clicking on the “Order” field and sending an e-mail message to us. We will fulfil your order without any unnecessary delay. Should you want a voucher which is not stated in our offer, we will be pleased to draw up a “tailor-made” product for you.


Voucher for Castle restaurant Tee No. 19 with 10% discount 20 EUR order
Voucher for Castle restaurant Tee No. 19 with 10% discount 40 EUR order

The prices are in EUR, including VAT.
The voucher validity period is firmly specified, it cannot be applied after the expiration date.
The discount will be applied on payment with the voucher in such a way that its nominal value will be increased by 10%. 
The voucher must be used during payment as a whole; it is not possible to return cash


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