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Are you interested in improving your technique, strategy on the course or are you a complete beginner and would like to learn the necessary basics? Our experienced coaches, who have undergone complete training held by PGA of Czech Republic, will be happy to pass on their years of experience to you.

Individual trainings

Individual training is the most intensive form of golf play training. A professional trainer works with one to three players, in an ideal case at least once a week or even more times a week on a regular basis. They together train all playing situations, such as drives, playing from the field, pinching, pitching, playing from sand, putting and others. For beginners we offer courses aimed at the obtaining of the so-called “golf competence” (formerly known as “green cards”). The time for obtaining them highly depends on the clients, their diligence and attendance rate, but at the end all who fall in love with golf will obtain such a card.

It is also a matter-of-course to order a trainer even for one playing lesson, if the client wants to improve only one of his or her playing skills. We offer also a possibility of playing with a coach on the course, whether master or public course, when it is possible to improve skills in the very important course management area. 

For the price list of individual training lessons please click here 

Golf training Pricelist

Individual training on driving range

Golf lesson - 30 minutes1 person2 persons3 persons4 persons5 persons
24 €28 €32 €36 €40 €


Individual training on golf course

 1 person2 persons3 persons
Radecký / d'Este (18 holes)120 €160 €160 €
Radecký / d'Este (9 holes)64 €96 €96 €
Public course (9 holes)48 €64 €64 €
Golf competence exam (HCP 54)120 €200 €240 €


Golf lessons package

If you are interested, we will be happy to create a golf lessons package according to your needs. If you want to get a "Golf competence exam certificate" or improve your technique in a more intensive way, do not hesitate to contact us.